Friday, May 9, 2008

Sexy Sexy!


This is my first post. I figure I can use this blog as a sort of journal to track my proegression. There is a significant difference in my work and what is scanned. I guess that's what happends when you cheap out and buy a 40$ scanner. You always get what you pay for. But this will be fixed soon.

Since this is my first post I'll share a little info about myself. For those who already know me, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Curtis Hsiung, I've been working in Toronto, ON. the past 2 years as an animator. At this point in time, I'm taking a break from work to persue my drawing/painting full time. In a nutshell, I love to animate but I don't find it as creatively satisfying as illustration/design. And I keep going back to pencil and paper so I figure it was about time I put in some 'real' time.

Anyway, a little about what I'm posting. I've been searching for my artistic voice or my "style" as some would call it. So I'm doing a lot of drawing that explores a more styalized approach. Most of the drawing I do is from life, or just straight out of the head, but I ocasionally dip into magazines or even go as far as completely recreating artwork that already exists. Of course any time I recreate another artist's work it is for education only, and gets filed in my "it was bitten" book, in other words you'll never see it here. I was studying heads yesterday and I was using a Maxim cover with Jessical Alba as my reference. I liked the results of the sketch. Of course I look at it today and there are many things I would change, but, that's the beauty of the learning process.

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