Sunday, May 18, 2008


I usually start each day by warming up with some quick loose drawings. It usually takes me about an hour before I'm ready to tackle the more refined stuff. Some days I spend just doing these little drawings. They're are super fun because you get to see results almost immediately, as well it alleviates the pressure of making "pretty" pictures. I usually use spiderman as my subject for warmups. His rubber limbs let me twist, and bend, and put him in pretty much any pose I think of. Another great reason Spiderman is fun is that his body does most of the communicating, since he's wearing a mask I'm forced to use gesture to communicate emotion.

The piece on the bottom is the finished version of the poster for my brother's birthday. You can see the pencil work in the previous post. I'm really happy with the results. I asked my buddy Qiqo to drop some colours in, and his final colours are AMAZING! THANKS A BUNCH QIQO! You can see his work here.

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