Friday, June 27, 2008

Life Drawing Dump.... >P~~~~~~~

*pats self on the back*

So I finally went out and baught a new digital camera! Woohoo! and a bonus I got a new scanner/printer with it as well!

*double pat*

So I resnapped some old life drawing and some new ones. You can actually see the attention I gave to line quiality, and tone. Unfortunately I do life drawing with animators. No disrespect to them but for $%^& sake can we do some longer poses pleeeeeaaaase!? So the max I can get is 15minutes for a pose, which sucks, because I'm trying to study more in depth than just quick line work and gesture. As you can see I started rendering the hair, in my earlier drawings. but as I become more accustomed to my time constraints I begin to make larger broader strokes to show hair, and leaving some areas untouched to show highlights. Optimally I'd like to do atleast one hour studies, but with 3 hour classes animators get fussy when they have to draw longer than 15mins. No complaints here though, coz I'm not exactly paying for all my sessions. I'm just glad to be allowed to sit in. Anyway, I've posted my drawing chronologically(left to right - earlier to latest). Fellow artists please C&C!!

Once I get my scanner setup I'll scan some creative/illustrative pieces I've finished. I'm horrified the scanner will deteriorate the drawing with it's crappy quality so I'm holding off. As well I've noticed my blogs getting a little cafe/life heavy. So more fun stuff to come soon. Stay Tuned!

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